Learn American Square Dance

Who is it for?

Singles or couples, you don't need to come with anyone else, come along and join in.

What is it?

Four couples form a square and dance a pattern of moves sung by the caller. We depend on each other to keep the dance moving.

It's a great regular exercise, not too strenuous but there is constant movement with many changes of direction. A really fun way to burn calories - typically between 400 and 800 for each hour of dancing. American Square Dancing also keeps your mind active because you listen to the caller and react quickly to the instructions.

What else?

Meet new like-minded people who enjoy the mental and physical challenge of dancing together. The are regular social events and of course the opportunity to visit clubs and dances that are organised all over the UK and other countries. Some social events take place over weekends and have camping and caravanning facilities on site.

Learn and progress to more advanced levels.

Modern American Square Dance has five levels, basic, mainstream, plus, advanced and challenge. The moves are taught in a clear way, no sitting around watching, you can expect to be on your feet and making rapid progress on the first night then building on what you know in a steady way, with revision, so you soon build confidence and ability. Most clubs have a teaching programme that starts at a particular time of year.

Where to find more information about American Square Dancing

In the Lancaster area the Lune Valley Ocean Wavers in a popular Square Dance club, dancing the Mainstream and Plus programmes, meeting on a Monday night in Halton, near Lancaster (Teaching beginners and Mainstream), and Friday night at Caton, near Lancaster (Teaching Plus and dancing Plus level). Website (opens in a new window)

For other areas check out the British Association of American Square Dance Clubs (opens in a new window) where you can find a complete list of UK Square Dance Clubs and special events organised by date and location.