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Moving Picturehouse En Route To Williamson Park, Lancaster

A lorryload of love will stop in Lancaster this November for a cinema experience like no other.

The Dukes will bring The Incredible Moving Picturehouse to Williamson Park from November 13-26 with screenings during the daytime and evening.

In a unique spectacle, The Incredible Moving Picturehouse transforms from an unassuming lorry into an indoor 100-seat mobile cinema which will be based at the foot of the Ashton Memorial for two weeks.

Step inside and enjoy a packed programme including a season of films all about love plus fascinating real-life documentaries.

The Incredible Moving Picturehouse puts the show on the road - literally. The UK’s only HGV-based mobile cinema screen is equipped with digital projection, temperature control and comfortable seats.

As part of the British Film Institute’s national season of LOVE, The Dukes will present a fortnight of films in The Incredible Moving Picturehouse.