tn arnside 799 1Arnside is a small unspoilt holiday town, a few miles north of Carnforth, on the river Kent where it meets Morecambe bay.

In former times it was a busy port, but this trade disappeared as other places robbed its trade, primarily Glasson Dock and then Lancaster where larger ships could dock and the distance to transport goods was less. There is a superb viaduct which carries the railway line across Morecambe bay, visible in the photos which were specially taken for these pages. You can also see the pier/jetty which was recently rebuilt. Again this is visible in the photos.

The town is accessible by rail, bus and car, with reasonable parking. It's never very crowded here, but it is an excellent base close to the lake district so you can explore the whole area.

In the sea/river you can catch a variety of fish. One way is to take off your shoes and socks and tread them. The idea is to walk slowly and gently about in the low water feeling for the flat fish on the bottom. When you find one you hold it down with your foot and then get your hands down to catch it. I have seen others doing it successfully, but have not tried it myself. If you do decide to try it take local advice on the state of the water before venturing in as the tides can turn quickly here.

Nearby is Arnside Knott, a high knob of rock, covered in trees and other vegetation. Arnside is the ideal location for climbing it. On a recent visit we did just this and found a great variety of butterflies and the hot sunny day.